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The Seldon plan has failed us. Now the galaxy is in chaos and order is needed to avoid millennium's of bloodshed and civilization decay. We from Apocalyptica recognize the need to do something about it. Fight the misguided keepers of the plan and reinstall a central government to bring order to the Galaxy are our objectives.

All About ApocalypticaEdit

What is Apocalyptica?Edit

Apocalyptica is a young organization born from the massive but dying church of the Cone, which consists of members who all have reason to believe that the Seldon Plan has failed. In history, we have learned that the Foundationer Golan Trevize chose the pathway to Galaxia, and ever since that day, the Seldon Plan has slipped. We, as the members in the Church of the Apocalypse, believe that we should use all the power that we command to help avoid the worse. Due to our decision, we have to be a ruthless yet fair organization, with solid goals, and the will to make this goal come true.

Who is the Mule?Edit

Throughout the formation of Apocalyptica, it's members have researched on ways it can help stop the catastrophe and mistakes made by choosing Galaxia. After years of studying, we finally found the answer: The Mule. The Mule himself was a being who came from Gaia, the home planet of Galaxia, and it is he who defies all plans; Seldon and Galaxia alike.

The Mule is the man who will save us from a thousand and more years of chaos. His psychic power that he possess allows him to ask anyone to work from him, and the one who is asked will agree readily. Included in this are powerful organizations with strange powers, who stand up against us fully. Because these organizations use more cruel ways of controlling people, we must kill their special agents (by Apocalyptica-May they rest in peace). Maybe some day, the followers of the Seldon Plan and Galaxia will realize their faults and join our cause.

Who are the enemies of Apocalyptica?Edit

Anyone who is against the Mule and our goals are the enemies of Apocalyptica. Those that are against us only wish to preserve the chaos an fight amongst themselves in which plan is better. Mule has the power to create a peaceful galaxy, one that does not include dictatorship. Among these groups, the most annoying is 'The Mulebusters Agency', who have clearly stated their opposition against us. Our forces have suffered at their hands, but we are still gaining and thriving as Mulebusters pulls against their thread of fate.

Joining InformationEdit

The RequirementsEdit

  • A member of Apocalyptica must have the willingness to fight with all their mind, heart, and soul for our cause
  • A member of Apocalyptica must be for the Mule
  • A member of Apocalyptica must be loyal to our cause and organization
  • A member of Apocalyptica must be an active member of the organization, lest they risk their death at the hands of the enemy

Who to contactEdit

To apply for membership, contact Freddo, Surtur, or Nikashera stating your motives to join our brotherhood and a brief background of your character.

Current MembersEdit


surtur, absong, mjh, jsa, jormungand, warrior, skipper


gwarf, blend

Second FoundationEdit



Wizzbang, cardeal, freddo, asong

Other ClassesEdit



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