Administrators can block users and individual IP addresses. Blocked users will still be able to read the wiki, but will not be able to edit or upload files.

Users can be blocked for many reasons. In the Foundation Wikia, users can be blocked if they incur in:

Admins will give a warning for first time and a suspention for 24 hours for the second time. If the users insists on the behavior, a more severe suspension or indefinite block can be applied. Users that for some reason whishes to contact any administrator regarding a suspension or block can contact Blender by email (there is a link in the left menu when you access a user's page). Range blocks are not currently enabled on Wikia.

If you feel you have been unfairly blocked, please contact the person who blocked you. Tell them what IP you are using. This information is shown on the page that tells you that you are blocked. A list of admins on each Wikia can be found by going to the Special:Listadmins page on that wiki.

Vandal botsEdit

Vandal bots will be blocked as soon as detected. If you get confused as a vandal bot by mistake, please follow the same procedure for sending an email as described above.


Anonymous or open proxies should usually be blocked. You can set the timestamp for "indefinite".

Try not to block ISP proxies since this would affect a wide number of users.

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