Nikashera NightDragon became First speaker 25,09 after First Speaker Paladin was killed by Mushu. Nikashera immedietly posted her policy and so far has had only one death on the table, who consequently told the hunter Granite that he was in the sector.


General RulesEdit

1: Suicides are forbidden except when being hunted or in a hunter sector. Even then you should confirm with me before starting to suicide. It must be clear that suicides don't help against hunters, they are exclusively a punitive measure, and as such they can wait until you get proper clearance

2: The same about item theft and cruiser theft. In times of great need we may steal cruisers more freely, but never with the parks full.

3: Inactive independents can be suicided and stolen but if you can prefer only to remove their leaders from the planets they are and send them to a place were they won't bother anyone.

4: Table information shall not be disclosed. Anyone caught leaking information will be punished to the highest degree.

5: If you need to be taken out then ask me. I will then judge to see if you need pulled out or not, but in most cases I will.

6. Try not to disturb missions near their end or interfere in brotherhood affairs. All it does is cause unneeded political stress on the table and myself.

7: Conversion of leaders is not strictly forbidden but if you abuse it to cancel embassies or to do things like making assassins explore to be arrested, you will be punished. Other kinds of abuse will be judged in a case by case matter.

8: Parks cruisers should be used only if at 95% or above and with moderation. Unless in extreme situations. Abuse of the parks will also be punished.

Missions and ExperienceEdit

Since there is such an experience gap at the table, I have no choice but to implement a policy that will allow you to catch up at least a bit.

1. Those with 15 experience points and lower will automatically be taken out at 11 deviations or less unless specifically asked not to.

2. Those with 16-28 experience points will be introduced to small to medium sized mule bot sectors and slightly troublesome sectors.

3. Those with 29-35 will be faced with one large mule bot sector and be introduced to the 'wannabe' hunters.

4. Those with 36-40 experience points will then be given three specific missions that will simulate the full responsibilities of the table.

5. Those with 40 experience points and vet status will then be faced with all there is that troubles the table/ A example would be a hunter who is known for killing many speakers or a huge MSD sector or mule bot sector. I will try my best to keep it as only one of those three at once and not combined into one neat little package.

The reason why I decided to implement this is because I always noticed when I was a new speaker I was always on my toes and never had time to learn everything I needed to know until shortly before Mags died. This policy is made for both new speakers and old, as I can definitely vote for that we have lives but also a responsibility to this game.

On one last note- I have decided to utilize table friendly I3 to help us with the mule bot cleanup for a while. Basically it means I will try to lock you into your previous brotherhoods sectors. This is only until you are trained up a bit.

Leak PunishmentEdit

Those who aid a hunter or a foundationer into killing a speaker will be immediately given full speaker responsibilities and will be locked in hard sectors that guarantee low experience gain. We are here to uphold the Seldon Plan, not to aide old allies. -This is the Second foundation! All past orientations will be forgotten or you can just walk right out the door.- I do not care if you are mulebuster, apocalyptica, tavern, house, ziohn or anything else. You are here now as speakers with an orientation to Seldon.


If you are up against a hunter, watch what they do and try to get out. You may automatically use conversion if you are in -mortal peril-. Otherwise, ask me. Suicides are still not permitted unless you have absolutely no other choice.

Possible HuntersEdit

Every once in a while we get a speaker killed by someone who you rarely hear about. Follow the rules concerning Hunters if you know they are trying to hunt you, otherwise, just treat them as every other chibi foundationer. .

Anything ElseEdit

If you need any more information or feel I have forgotten something, need locked/pulled out, then you can message me on the forums, in-game, or by aim and msn.


AIM: Liriel Ederoi

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