This is the policy I will enforce as long as I am the First. I have time to play till next Christmas, then we will see if I retire, not before. Of course, I can still be killed before that or meet a Mule or being impeached.


The Table is the supreme institution in charge of enforcing the Seldon Plan. That means reducing deviations and fighting the Mule. Since FtG is also a RP game, if your character doesn't "believe" in the Seldon Plan, find a RP trick to change his opinion or go away. I expect you to do your job properly. Then, if you don't like it, you can leave as soon as you hit 40 XP and resume your former RP. When you join the SF, you are reborn. Your former brotherhood/affiliation doesn't matter anymore. The speakers do not "work together" as one and only one is assigned to a sector. But we do share powers and knowledge, I expect you to act as part of a team.


The Table is here to enforce the Seldon Plan. Single players can decide to help us, remain neutral or fight us. But know that the Table will fight back. The Table shall have no involvement in politics. If a member of the Table abuses of his/her powers, players can contact the First (Paladin) to take the necessary measures. If a member of another organisation offends the Table, that member ALONE shall be punished. Organisation can offer their help (or declare war) to the Table, but since there have been many murders committed by members of "friendly organisations" (myself being one) I strongly suggest to each speaker not to trust (or distrust) someone just because he/she is in this or that organisation.

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE TABLE ONLY TO PURSUE YOUR ORGANIZATION'S INTEREST, THINK TWICE. If you want to join the Table just to get to veteran, it is fine with me. Just obey my rules. Xikeorco will be punished for refusing to hunt Granite in his sector.

The following players will be hunted by the Table until necessary: arkos asong cardeal faq freddo gernouille granite Mushu hallelujah khanhurry woose

The following were on the old hunter list. What should we do with them? Blender

If anyone think the list is wrong or incomplete, he/she can state the reason here or PM me. The Table will take them into consideration.

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