Foundation Forbids Massive PatrollingEdit

The Foundation, the ultimate commercial and military power in the Galaxy, has just published a public announcement, directed to citizens of all Sectors.

"I call for your attention, The Foundation of Terminus is, from now on, forbidding any galactic citizen to place more than FIVE cruisers on patrol at a time.

Merchants traveling throughout the galaxy have experienced significant trouble in attempting to land on planets due to conflicting trajectories and flight patterns of X-32 cruisers on patrol in the area. Speedy travel through heavily patrolled sectors has become difficult and dangerous.

This has caused damage both to merchant vessels and to the Foundation of Terminus. Even some neutral colonization crews of local planetary leaders have been accidentally intercepted and shot down by the glut of X-32s patrolling some sectors. As we have seen time and time again, because a few lawless individuals choose to violate the Branno decree with more than 5 cruisers in their fleets, many innocents suffer because many of these cruisers are placed on patrol.

FIVE cruisers is the now the security limit on X-32s able to be placed on patrol for any given fleet at any given time. Our Foundation priests have hyperwaved these automatic limitations to the internal control functions of all X-32s within the galaxy. The Foundation insists that FIVE patrolling cruisers is enough to protect against most threats while allowing travel room in any given sector for the safe passage of other voyagers.

Thanks to this new self-enforcing technology, inhabitants of the galaxy will be again able to travel with the same freedom and safety as they could before the introduction of the X-32.

Mayor Branno, Foundation Mayor."

There is no need to reiterate that the Mayor's words are law in the Galactic areas which are under the Foundation's supervision. And as it appears that because the new limitation will be coded into the internal functions of every X-32, it will be difficult for even the smartest citizens of the galaxy to find a way to ignore this law.

Reporter DadaB

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