Ever since the discover of the Second Foundation, there have been two forces against it: The Hunters of the Foundation and The Mule. The Mule was an enemy in which the second foundation could fight without problems, as the first always went after him as the rest handled those converted by the mule. However, certain Foundationers grew to hate the second foundation, and the knowledge began to spread to other organizations. They soon went after speakers, picking off those who couldn't get away ruthlessly. It was then that First Speaker Chappy was first known to put an idea that was debated among many before into practice; to create a list of those who would harm the speakers.

Types of HuntersEdit


The selectives are a type of hunter that only go after certain speakers, which is usually based on the speakers' orientation. It is quite common to find an Apocalyptica hunter to only go after a Mulebuster speaker and vice-versa. They are also the easiest to counter, usually just by sending their own orientation to their own sector.


The faithful hunters are those who hunt anyone, regardless of orientation. These types are one of the most dangerous kinds of hunters, since even being near them is a risk and are usually veterans who know everything about the second foundation. However, these hunters are rare, as most hunters do not go past the selectives stage.


The reactives are probably the most dangerous of hunters, since they only kill when provoked. These types usually help out speakers whenever possible, but strike when a speaker oversteps his or her bounds, such as converting a leader.

How to fight against a hunterEdit

Please refer to your current First Speaker's policy before you try to do anything against a hunter; remember, many hunters only hunt because they were provoked. Otherwise, here are some common tactics to escape or fight against a hunter who is after you.

  1. Convert the offending leader and use up all his time units and/or send him to other planets. Do not steal items.
  2. Gain control of the hunter planets.
  3. Use Speed Shuttle Planets and the Army Centers to speed up control.

List of HuntersEdit


Freddo (Apocalyptica), Blender (Apocalyptica), Cardeal (Apocalyptica), Granite (Mulebusters), Faq (Mulebusters)


Woose, Lexx, querianne, Patriciana



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