These guidelines describe how articles for People, Accounts and Characters should be made in the FtG Wiki. These categories describe, respectively, the real life people involved in FtG, the accounts used to play the game and the Roleplay characters some people have developed.

If these guidelines are not specific enough and confusion arises about something, please add a comment to the talk page.

People Edit

People pages describe the real life of those involved with FtG, and anything non-FtG related which they wish to have in the wiki. Noone has to reveal anything, however at the very least a first name is needed for a People article.

The article should be titled the first name of the person involved, however if there are two people with the same first name, then surnames will be used as well and the first name-only page will be a disambiguity page.

Accounts Edit

Date Registered:October 11, 2004
Highest Level:Veteran

Account articles describe the game accounts, and in general will be fairly short. They will list basically the simple details about an account, and any changes in ownership. However if the owner does not wish to reveal their name and so a People page cannot be made, then these articles could be longer.

Characters Edit

Character articles describe briefly the Roleplay of a particular character in FtG. They should not contain actual Roleplay texts, but instead links to the forum or other location of such texts.

There should be a separate article for each distinct roleplay of an account, and their titles should tell them apart. For example: Sin Suvantar and Sarah Suvantar. Usually a character will be associated with only one account, although sometimes there are roleplay characters that exist without a corresponding game account, and very occasionally there is a single character played identically accross several accounts.

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